Nov 12 2009

Easy to Start Using Linux on Your PC

linuxNowadays Linux or we called GNU/Linux was very popular. This can be seen from the many linux distros that have emerged and are more easily installed linux to pc and linux display interface is very good, not inferior to other commercial operating systems. In this world, linux distros known as RedHat, Mandriva, OpenSuse, Ubuntu and Debian linux has made famous and made linux not only known to the world of education and programmer, but had entered the household and the business world. where, Linux can replace the expensive operating system used by the people.

to start using linux is very easy. There linux can run without the installation process by using the installation cd. Distributions of the first initiated this idea is Knoppix which is a derivative of Debian trus followed by well-known distros other. The most newer is ubuntu linux installation CD give them free to run computer PC with a request that only through the official site cd ubuntu linux.

linux change the concept of open source. Why can say that. after the emergence of Linux in the year 1992 is now a lot of programs popping up that open source with GPL license (General Public License).

Linux is not hard and very fun and exciting. let’s use linux now and forget about the other commercial operating systems.

Jun 23 2008

HP contributes Tru64 Unix file system to Linux

Hewlett Packard on Monday said it is making its Tru64 Unix Advanced File System available under the open-source General Public License, version 2.

The AdvFS file system, which was originally developed for Digital Equipment Corp. Alpha Unix machines, can be adopted to Linux, the company said.

HP chose version 2 of the General Public License so that it could be compatible with the Linux kernel. The system can improve the uptime time and performance of Linux file systems, the company said.

May 29 2008

GNOME 2.22.2 has been Released

GNOME 2.22.2, one of the best Linux Desktop has been released. this is full review copied from (05/29/2008)

Lucas Rocha, one of the developers at GNOME, has announced the release of GNOME 2.22.2, the latest update to the 2.22 branch of the desktop environment. The next stable device will be GNOME 2.22.3, due to be launched on June 30.

In September, we will see GNOME 2.24, which promises some interesting new features and improved stability. GNOME’s web browser, Epiphany,
will be migrated to the WebKit web page rendering engine, that’s used at this moment by the Safari web browser and some minor web browsers like Midori. The GNOME 2.24 release will also offer better integration with PulseAudio and the GNOME Session Manager will bring more flexibility for Linux distributions makers on selecting their default session applications. The GNOME team also has big plans for documentation, as they want to record everything, including policies and servers.
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May 29 2008

Linux on Nokia Phone

Nokia, one of the top companies on the mobile market, might create some new Linux-based, Internet-focused devices, as the interest in such appliances is growing, Reuters is reporting. Although Linux is not widely used on cellphones, the situation is beginning to change, and Google’s Android platform is one good example of confidence
in Linux.

Linux is no stranger to Nokia, as the Finnish company has used it before on Internet tablets, devices that are similar to phones but lack the calling capability. As their name indicates, the Internet tablets are used for navigating the web from anywhere. Kari Tuutti, Nokia spokesman, said: “We will expand that range, and we believe that the role of Linux will grow.” The Internet tablets were targeted at tech-savvy consumers and used to support technologies like WiMAX.
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May 10 2008

Parted Magic 2.2 dengan GParted 0.3.7 terbaru

Parted Magic bisa diidentikkan dengan Partition Magic di Microsoft Windows

Anda biasa menggunakan partition magic di lingkungan windows maka tidak akan asing dengan Distro Linux satu ini karena program bawaannya yaitu GParted 0.3.7 tampilan GUI hampir mirip/identik dengan Partition Magic.

Detil paket program yang disertakan dalam Parted Magic 2.2 seperti dilansir oleh SoftPedia (08/05/2008) adalah :
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